Why I'm Ditching the Scale for a Month

I recently took the enneagram test and was classified as a “3” which is nicknamed “The Acheiver.” In everything I do I tend to go hard, and I want to be the best. This can be a great strength in many ways, but being an Acheiver has definite dark sides.

One of these down sides is that I can be VERY hard on myself. I can use negative feelings or words I think about myself as motivation to try and achieve a goal. I’m not a counselor or mental health professional, but I know that’s not healthy.

Like most (if not all) women I have love/hate relationship with my bathroom scale. Every morning I wake up, brush my teeth, and brace myself as a step on it. Some days I’m pleasantly surprised and pat myself on the back, but more often than not I don’t like the number so I start my day thinking bad thoughts about myself.  

SO in an effort to focus more on how my body feels and responds to certain foods/exercise I decided to not weigh myself for a whole month! It’s been hard not to step on the scale in the morning, but I find myself feeling less stressed about the number, and more excited to do things (run, yoga, eating a good meal) that will help me feel my best!  

What is your relationship like with the scale? If you’re considering joining me in my no-weigh-in month, head to my instagram and leave me a DM so I can cheer you on!