Why Swell and Sway?


I was the only ocean person growing up in a family of mountain people. Being the odd one out definitely contributed to my middle-child syndrome and as a result every school art project was whale tails and dolphins. In second grade I even wrote a book about going on vacation to an island where I made friends with a dolphin named Coco who rescued me and helped me find my family. Let me tell you, it was a thrilling tale.

Certain things are just in our DNA, and loving the ocean is a hard-wired part of me. 

When it came time to name this big-dream business of writing and teaching yoga I knew the name had to evoke the feeling of my favorite place. My husband and I sat down and wrote long lists of words that described waves, wind, and palm trees. 

Two words emerged as the clear winners to represent my big dream: swell and sway.


1) Swell is the kind of wave that surfers flock to. It comes from the ocean floor with depth and strength. It only takes one wipeout surfing to learn how powerful the swell is (I know from personal experience!).

2) Sway is the soft, gentle way palm trees move and bend in the wind. They are so tall yet strongly rooted that even in the forceful winds they simply sway. That type of grace under pressure requires strength and perserverence.

Swell & Sway has always been a part of who I am.

I hope my writing and teaching encourage you to embrace the hard-wired parts of who you are, and pursue dreams that would make your second-grade self proud.