How to Transition Successfully to a New City


Tiffany, founder of Gals That Brunch (with locations in over 95 cities worldwide!) has been through her fair share of transitions. Her journey has taken her from San Diego, to Denver, to Charlotte, back to San Diego, and now to Los Angeles!

These big life-altering moves not only led to her starting Gals That Brunch, but have also given her a level of expertise about how to approach a big life transition like a move. Here are the three suggestions she shared on Tips and Tequila about how to transition to a new city:

 1) Allow yourself to grieve what you left behind.

The reason for your move might be exciting or challenging, but regardless of why you’re moving, you are leaving something behind. She suggested to give yourself persmission to grieve and feel how you feel. You might be grieving the loss of friendships, your home, or your favorite restaurant. You will definitely grieve leaving behind your comfort zone! I remember pulling off on the side of the road to cry in San Diego one of our first weeks here because I was lost. Let yourself feel it — especially when it’s hard!

2) To thine own self be true.

Tiffany made the amazing point that a move to a new city is a beautiful opportunity to reevaluate your values, who you are, and what you want to be known for. It’s also a chance to leave behind some habits, relationships, or patterns that were unhealthy or not serving you well. During your transition give yourself the time and space to really reflect and ask yourself some hard questions about who you want to be in this new season. Tiffany even wrote down statements about who she is and keeps them in her car as a reminder!

3) Find your new community/tribe.

After you have grieved and let yourself feel all the things about moving, and done some quality self-reflection about who you want to be, it’s time to put yourself out there! We live in a world where through social media and networking groups it’s easier than even to meet new friends. Most of my best friends in San Diego I’ve met since moving here have come from instagram or events around the city! Tiffany suggested to try different groups or options (not everyone is for everyone!) and to also have an open mind and try something a few times before you decide it’s not your cup of tea.

Something she said that really struck my soul that everyone feeling alone in a new city should remember: YOU ARE WORTH KNOWING! 

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