The Best Leggings Money Can Buy

Before I share my legging-opinions with you let me establish my legging-credibility. I work two mornings a week at my neighborhood yoga studio where I wear and sell several brands of leggings. I practice yoga most days of the week wearing leggings. I run errands, walk my dog, bike, go for runs, watch Netflix, cook dinner, and travel wearing (you guessed it!) leggings.

Now that we have that out of the way...

If I was only allowed to wear one pair of leggings for the rest of my life they would be the Align Pant II by Lululemon (

Before you write me off because Lululemon is the cliché choice, know that I’m not being paid or incentivized in any way to promote Lululemon. Also, just think about the last time you cleaned out your closet. If you’re anything like me there are work out clothes littering the bottom of your drawer that you dread putting on because of the way they make you feel — grungy and sloppy.

Let me say something radical: You are worth the investment.

Invest in leggings that make you feel and look amazing rather than ones that will pill, get dingy, and end up in the giveaway pile. It is better to have leggings you love and want to wear everyday then to have a drawer full of clothes you cannot wait to get rid of. Can I get an amen?

So, are they expensive? YES. Are they worth it? YES. A thousand times yes. They hit at the perfect spot above your belly button (so they’re flattering on everyone), they do not pinch your waist at all, and they feel like butter. They are so soft and supple that when I’m wearing them I never feel like I’m suffocating and need to take them off. Ladies, we all know that feeling! I own them in 3 colors and want them in EVERY color. Ask my husband; that is not an exaggeration (for some reason he won’t let me buy more — what’s his problem?!)

Take my word for it the Align Pant II leggings are phenomenal. Yes, you will spend $100, but these leggings will never end up at the bottom of your drawer because you will never want to take them off.