Pursue Your Passion Wearing the Perfect Lipstick!

Since I started this blogging journey a few months ago I have been to Ulta MANY times searching for a lipstick that made me feel confident in photos, was bold without being obnoxious, and felt good (and lasted!) on my lips. I’ve tried so many brands, but it wasn’t until I met Christine Kennedy that my lipstick quest was successful!  


Christine went to pharmacy school, but as she started working in the industry she realized it wasn’t her true passion (I know myself and so many others can relate!). Instead of settling, she pursued using her pharmacy compounding skills to create something she loved...lipstick! 

She spent three years working her pharmacy job during the day and developing her lipsticks and business plans on nights and weekends, she quit her job to run Scorch Makeup full time. When I met her I was super inspired by her story, and the cherry on top is she created a truly great line of lipsticks.

I tried 3 different lipsticks from Scorch and loved them all, but for different reasons/occasions. Below are my reviews of each! (P.S. If you read all the way to the end you may or may not find a Scorch discount code!)

 Lip Paint in Smoulder:

The Lip Paint is perfect for a more subtle look. It still has great pigment (Smoulder is a beautiful light pink) but it is not as saturated as the other two that I tried. I would compare this more to a traditional lip gloss, however it stays on much longer and more evenly than other glosses I’ve tried! 

 Liquid Lipstick in Firework:

The liquid lipstick is a long-lasting, inense pop of color that is sure to get you noticed! I love the orange/red Firework color for summer. This product is comparable to other long-wear lipsticks, but it stands out because it doesn’t dry out your lips or clump up after time like others I’ve tried. 

Lip Creme in Salsa: 

If I had to pick a favorite of the three, it would be the Lip Creme in Salsa! It comes in a slick, black, magnetic closure tube, and has the saturation of the liquid lipstick with the bonus of being incredibly moisturizing— this is a must for me because my lips tend to get dry quickly. It also smells and feels incredible on my lips. I can’t wait to get my hands on some other shades of the Lip Creme!

You can click on the product names or photos to get directed to the Scorch Makeup website, and as promised you can enter code “ SWELLANDSWAY” to get 20% off your purchase! Christine’s passion and amazing product (not to mention she’s a fellow San Diego entrepreneur) has made me a customer for life!