Reflections on RISE

Have you ever had a “mountain top” experience and then struggled to find words to explain it to others? I recently came home from my first-ever personal development conference and finally narrowed my notes to three takeaways. As you’re reading, think about which one resonates with you and how could apply it tangibly:

1. Same you. New mood.

You don’t get to choose your circumstances, but you do get to choose how you respond to them. You can change the trajectory of your hour, day, week, year, and life if you just decide - proactively - how you will live instead of reacting to what happens.

At RISE (check out their website to learn more!) this looked like spontaneous dance parties when the heavy keynotes, note-taking and sitting started to take a toll. Day-to-day this looks like taking responsibility for my mood. How? Here are some ideas:

- Instead of putting on my emotional, acoustic-cover playlist, I can put on a song that will pump me up and keep me smiling and upbeat through my day.

- Instead of letting my thoughts wander into fear or worry, I can focus on what I’m thankful for. 

 2. What you think disqualifies you, actually QUALIFIES you to own your past and tell your story.

The hard in your life, the stuff that leaves you with battle scars, can either be a weight that drags you down and keeps you from your dreams, OR it can form the mountain you stand on to tell your story and help others.

How do you get there? You have to, like Missy Elliot says, “put it down flip it and reverse it!” What does that even mean? Let me give you a few personal examples:

- “I can’t offer people advice or words of encouragement on their marriage has been through hell and 16 months of counseling!” FLIPS to...

“I can speak hope and encouragement to people about their relationships because mine has been through so much.”

And, “I can’t share about fitness and a healthy lifestyle because I’ve been through too many ups and downs with my routine and weight.” FLIPS to...

“I can offer insight about health and wellness because I’ve been through highs and lows in my fitness journey.”

3. No one will care about your dream as much as you do.

Ultimately, whether you achieve a dream is ALL up to you. This can be a hard truth to hear because it means putting aside excuses and being accountable to follow our dreams and become the best version of ourselves. This truth empowers me to be in the driver’s seat. Here are a few examples of what this means for me:

- I dream of running a half marathon...but no one can train or put in the miles or sign up for the race except for me.  

- I dream of writing a book...but no one can wake up early to put words on paper except for me.  

- I dream of going to Hawaii with my husband and son...but no one can save the money except for me.

Comment below (or DM me on instagram!) with the takeaway that resonates with you, and how you can apply it today.!