3 Tips on Finding/Creating Your Dream Job!

My sweet friend, Jennifer Givens (aka @sweetandsavagemom ), was my guest this week on Tips and Tequila! She is a mom of two, military spouse, veteran, recent college graduate, and overall amazing human so I was thrilled for her to join and share wisdom from her current job search!

Tip #1: Find your strengths so you can narrow down your potential jobs!

If you want to work at your dream job, you have to start with what you’re good at! If you’re doing things you’re not good at all day, that is a recipe for burnout. Jennifer recommended asking good friends about what you’re best at to find your strengths. Also, I like to think about the times in the past that I was most joyful and fulfilled and identify WHY it made me feel like that. There are some great tools to identify your strengths that I love as well, such as the Strengthfinder 2.0 book and the enneagram test. 

Tip #2: Find a mentor!


This tip hit home for me...I still am on the search for someone is person who can mentor me on this new entrepreneur adventure. In the meantime I have many virtual mentors (who don’t know I exist!) such as Jasmine Star, Julie Solomon, Rachel Hollis, and Lori Harder. Jennifer is really utilizing her mentors well which inspired me to find someone I can talk to in-person. One of her mentors even became her first client!

Tip #3: Research!

This tip seems like a no-brainer, but in my opinion it’s the most under-used/under-rated of the three. I hear so many entrepreneurs and friends saying, “I wish I could _____ (build a website, post to YouTube, learn how to use my camera, build a media kit, braid my hair, self-publish a book, etc etc). Friends, we literally have the world at our fingertips! You can find the answer to almost any question on Google, YouTube, or Pinterest. All that’s required of you is the curiousity and initiative to do so. 

Once you’ve identified your strengths, spoken with mentors or people who are a few steps ahead of you in your dream job, then it’s time to research, learn, and DO THE THINGS you need to do to make your dream a reality.