3 Tips on Being a Change-Maker

One of my very best friends and real-life change-maker, Fallon, has worked for the past five years a non-profit called The Mocha Club and has learned so much about the art of change-making in this beautiful world that needs some change. Here are her tips that we can all apply to our lives to make some change:

1) What do you KNOW? What do you LOVE? What can you DO? 

The first step to being a change-maker is believing you have something to offer. We all have skills we’ve been taught and trained in, passions we love, and tasks that we’re naturally good at. I’m a writer, great at editing, speak Spanish and French, love to encourage, and I enjoy manual labor (I once spent almost two weeks in Mexico with Habitat for Humanity mixing cement by hand with a shovel and loved every second).

Take some time and ask yourself those three questions, and you’ll have a long, tangible list of ways you can be a change-maker.


2)  Start By Listening

One thing Fallon said that was so impactful is that change happens in relationship. So often I try to “help” someone by doing something I think they need without even asking them first. Can I get a witness? Before we start doing, let’s listen...deal? 

3)  Be Generous 

The best asset we have to be change-makers is our love. Fal said that loved people love people and this is just too true. However, the choice is ours whether we will share it with others. 

My top takeaway: No matter your workplace or day-to-day job, each of us has the capacity to love the person in front of us, in whatever way we’re gifted. That, my friends, is being a change maker in someone’s everyday situation...which we all so desperately need. 

Check out Mocha Club’s website or Instagram to find out more about their work!