3 Tips on Harnessing Your Bravery

Last week my good friend, Emily, who is a life/transition coach shared on Tips and Tequila. Here are her three tips on harnessing bravery:

Tip #1: Reframe your limiting beliefs and fears! 

Emily encouraged us to do an excercise where you take a paper and split it into two columns. One one side write down your fears and limiting beliefs that keep you from doing what you hope and dream of doing. On the opposite side, write a positive statement that refutes that fear. For example for me a huge fear for me is “People won’t like me/will make fun of me.” I could change this to “People will like me and be inspired by me.” 

Tip #2: Act now! 

Once you have some mantras written that you can use to counter those voices in your head telling you not to do the thing....DO THE THING! Emily asked the question, “What are some steps you can take in the next 48 hours that will get you closer to your goal?” I love this idea because it encourages immediate action.  

Tips #3: Embrace ambiguity! 

When you are stepping out in bravery into something new, there will be uncertainty and ambiguity about what the results will be. As a planner/list-writer this tip is definitely the most challenging for me. But like Emily said during the live, if we knew exactly what was going to happen, then it wouldn’t be an adventure!

Photo by Andora Photography

Photo by Andora Photography