How My Love For Handbags Is Making the World a Better Place

I was a tomboy as a kid. So now that I’m grown up, I’m making up for lost time in the fashion/shopping department! At least that’s what I tell myself (and my husband) to justify the amount of handbags I have. And one of my go-to places to shop for high quality leather products is ABLE

I learned about ABLE through my sweet friend, Fallon who lives in Nashville. (She also edits all my posts because she’s the best!) ABLE started when founder, Barrett Ward, lived in Ethiopia and saw women resorting to prostitution as a means to support their families. He wanted to provide an alternative option to help these women earn a living and end the cycle of poverty.

A few years ago I fell in love with their ethically sourced leather goods, handmade in Ethiopia. Since then they have expanded their brand to include jewelry, shoes, apparel, and denim!  With each new line they have increased their impact and are now providing jobs for women not only in Ethiopia but also in Mexico, Peru, and Nashville.

I love buying from ABLE because not only is the quality of their products AMAZING but each purchase is helping employ and support other women.

Browse and shop all their beautiful products and learn more about their impact here. Scroll below to see some of my favorites in action: