Wins and Misses from 2018

If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you think about your wins and misses from 2018. It’s so good and right to take a moment to celebrate the wins. And then? Be honest about the missed opportunities that kept you from the best version of yourself. Take those “misses” and form new goals around them, because life is too short not to move forward and be who you were made to be! 

Here’s my honest look at 2018, from both a business and personal perspective —


- Having the courage to transparently share my highs and lows.


When 2018 started I was pretty terrified to start my blog and instagram and put who I am out “there” for the world to see. BUT I committed to showing up and sharing who I am — the good and the bad. Because of that choice, I have made so many amazing relationships, have been encouraged by others, and hopefully have encouraged you along the way.

- Teaching yoga!

One of my goals for 2018 was to put my yoga teacher training into practice and teach at least one class a week. I exceeded my own hopes and expectations and am teaching 5 classes weekly! It’s so exciting and fulfilling to gain a skill and then put it to use. I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach every week!


- Getting disctracted by shiny objects.

When my business started gaining traction, with more people reading my blog and following me on instagram, offers started coming in. “Be an ambassador for our brand!” “Buy a ticket to this networking event!” “Use and post about this free product!” It’s really exciting and flattering to be wanted...but I said yes to things and opportunities that weren’t in line with my “why”.

- Investing money and time without getting a return (chasing dreams costs money!).

News flash: Starting a business is expensive! There are lots of costs to starting up such as web domains, logos/graphics, equipment, courses, education, networking events, photography, insurance, LLC costs, etc etc. While I don’t regret investing to start with a solid foundation, I’m ready to start getting a return on my investment to help support my family!


- Growing roots in San Diego and getting settled.


We were made for San Diego: the weather, the people, the city, our’s just US. This year we were able to move out of our rental into a townhome we bought and renovated, and we hope to live there for a LONG time. Leo’s so happy at school. Zach understands how to do his job well and has amazing work/life balance (with time to surf!). I spend my days chasing my dreams alongside like-minded friends, and am almost always less than a mile from the ocean!

- More in love with Zach and Leo than ever before.

I LOVE my boys. Zach and I have been through so much in our 8.5 years of marriage, but 2018 brought us closer than ever being in a new city together and going through trials like losing his dad. We are truly more in love than we ever have been. And Leo? He’s just the best. He is too sweet, kind, obedient, hilarious and he still snuggles me every night. I just can’t believe I get to be Zach’s wife and Leo’s mom.


- Succumbing to stress and having inconsistent health routines.

My mom always says I have two speeds- on and off. In April 2018 I was the healthiest I’ve ever been running 3 miles a days and feeling amazing. In October of 2018 I was much heavier, punishing myself with hard workouts but then eating Mac and Cheese and Queso and Chips like I was about to hibernate for the winter. Stress plays such a huge part in my exercise and eating patterns, and I did have some major stresses in my life this year.

- Continuing in old people pleasing patterns without considering what I truly want.

I care about what you think. I have always been a people pleaser by nature, and in 2018 I made some decisions based on making others happy without considering my own needs or desires. In 2019 I want to grow in knowing myself and my needs, and not operate from a place of pleasing others.

I hope my reflections on wins and misses from the past year encourages you to reflect on your past year and how you can become the best version of yourself!