The Grownup Girl

Hey! I'm Laura. here’s a little background on me.

Hey, friend!

Laura here — I’m the writer, speaker, friend, and big dreamer behind The Grown Up Girl and I am SO happy you’re in my corner of the internet!

I live with my son Leo and husband Zach is sunny San Diego, CA! I’m living in my dream place, working my dream job, but it was a long and winding road to get here…

Between my husband and I during the past nine years we have had 11 different jobs, 2 advanced degrees, 1 kid, 7 different homes in 3 different cities. Through all of these changes (and the challenges along the way) I came to the realization that this “grown up” thing is WAY harder than anyone ever told me it would be.

The more I talked with my friends and shared the highs and lows of what I was living through, the more I realized I wasn’t alone in feeling overwhelmed by growing up. While the challenges are real and hard — it is possible to grow through them and come out stronger than when we started AND with a life that we truly love. That’s why I started The Grown Up Girl!

My mission with The Grown Up Girl is to:

  • Encourage and motivate YOU by being transparent about the ups and downs I’ve gone through (and am still going through, who am I kidding?!)

  • Give you tangible tips and tools so you can THRIVE, not just survive, as a grown up


Most days you can find me writing in my home office, walking my dog Charlie, reading or playing Nintendo with my 6 year old, meeting up with girlfriends in one of San Diego’s amazing bars/restaurants, dating my husband, or teaching yoga!

To see more of my everyday life you can find me hanging out on Instagram (@thegrownupgirl).

To learn more about my private coaching, schedule a 30 minute call with me here!

I’d love to learn more about you and your growing up journey, so slide into my DMs on IG or shoot me an email (!


Top California Influencer

“Looking at Laura, you wouldn’t know that she’s learned how to be an adult alongside her husband by trial and error through 11 different jobs, 2 advanced degrees, 1 kid, and 7 different homes in the past 8 years…She shares her passion for yoga, books, fitness, and fashion. She also shares her insecurities, fights with her husband, and everything in between. She is as real as can be.”

SDVoyager Trailblazer Series

“Like I said, the road has been VERY winding and full of detours. I would tell younger women just starting out to be themselves. That thing deep in your heart that you just can’t shake: DO THAT THING. If you’re waiting for someone to invite you to do it or give you permission — or even approval — you may never do it.”


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