about swell and sway

Hey, friend!

Laura here -- I’m the writer, teacher, and big dreamer behind Swell and Sway and I am SO happy you’re here in my corner of the internet!

Last year, my husband and I sold almost everything we owned to chase our dream of living in sunny San Diego with our 6 year-old, Leo and Golden Doodle, Charlie. Turning our life upside-down and moving from Minnesota to California was a perfect time to dream BIG about how I really wanted to spend my days (the burn-out was REAL after 5 years teaching in public schools).

After lots of learning, reading, thinking, praying, and planning Swell and Sway was born!

Navigating this whole grown-up thing while also chasing your dreams is no joke. So my mission with Swell and Sway is to:

  • Encourage YOU by being transparent about the ups and downs I’ve gone through (and am still going through, who am I kidding?!)

  • Give you tangible tips and tools so you can THRIVE, not just survive, as a grown-up

You can find me hanging out everyday on Instagram (@swellandsway)

I’d love to hear from you so slide into my DMs on IG or shoot me an email (laura@swellandsway.com)!

Contact info

Laura Nielsen

T:   (740) 507-7733
E:   laura@swellandsway.com

San Diego, CA 92106



Graphic Design by Sammy Melin

Photos by Nicolette Bardos, Johanna Kitzman, and Zach Nielsen